[SeleniumConf Berlin] Watch the talks HERE x
[SeleniumConf Berlin] Watch the talks HERE x

The OpenQA Forums Have Been Discontinued

On February 23, 2010 we terminated the forum service we were providing at clearspace.openqa.org.

The reason for doing so was because maintenance of the forums was too much for our volunteer staff to keep up with. And because there were free hosted services such as Google Groups that were much more scalable and easy to maintain, we decided it would be best to shut the forums down once and for all to avoid all confusion.

The vast majority of the content was Selenium-related content, all of which has been migrated to the Selenium Users Google Group available at:


If you're looking for Watir-related forums, please visit the Watir Community page.

If you're looking for Bromine-related forums, please visit the new Bromine forums.

The remaining content, for projects such as CubicTest, SessionTester, JTC, and others, has been archived in the forums database. We are exploring ways to export that content and make it available for the project admins to host on their own, should they feel the content must be migrated.