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[Standard]Tickets for [SeleniumConf London] are on sale NOW Go HERE! x

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.NET client driver configurationΒΆ

Note: the instructions below are outdated. NuGet is now the preferred method of integrating the Selenium WebDriver into .NET clients. Simply create a new Unit Test project and add the Selenium WebDriver NuGet package: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Selenium.WebDriver.

.NET client Driver can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio. To Configure it with Visual Studio do as Following.

  • Launch Visual Studio and navigate to File > New > Project.

  • Select Visual C# > Class Library > Name your project > Click on OK button.

  • A Class (.cs) is created. Rename it as appropriate.

  • Under right hand pane of Solution Explorer right click on References > Add References.

  • Select following dll files - nmock.dll, nunit.core.dll, nunit.framework.dll,ThoughtWorks. Selenium.Core.dll, ThoughtWorks.Selenium.IntegrationTests.dll, ThoughtWorks.Selenium.UnitTests.dll and click on Ok button


With This Visual Studio is ready for Selenium Test Cases.